Real Finger Flips and Wheels That Don’t Stick: Longboarding with Donny Williams

Savannah, Georgia: Donny Williams displays the technical freestyle and fast freeride capabilities of Original Skateboards’ decks. Donny premieres his signature Early Grab Varial Finger-Flip and shreds hills, cities, and parks alike while riding his Apex 40 Diamond Drop Concave, Apex 37 Diamond Drop Concave, Apex 34 Double Concave, and Arbiter 36 KT.

Donny is sponsored by itSox Apparel and is a Surf-Rodz Ambassador. He also loves his Holesom slide pucks.

Music: Fake Patois by Das Racist / 20 Wave Caps by Earl Sweatshirt (featuring Domo Genesis)

Friday February 7th, 2014
Freestyle Weekly Top 5