Philippine Longboarding: Baylife Ep.3

Philippines: Subic has been a Downhill Mecca for a lot. Humble beginnings and advancement of skill has happened here undoubtedly. With a LOT of spots around, whether it be for regular sessions, sliding or fast riding of nearly up to 90kph, the BAY has it all for you.

Good thing Subic Bay is one of the hometowns of Kilusan being it having the hills for bombing and being near the surf in Zambales, having the Baylife is not so hard to fall in love with.

A couple of individuals coming from different groups skate each other the first time and manages to get a hell of a stoked session. See it all here in the Baylife.

Song: Not Giving In
Artist: Rudimental
Riders: Excel Figueroa, Joshua Bondoc, Kyle Aguas, Jepoy Minas and Rahman Yahya
Edit: Excel Figueroa

Thursday February 13th, 2014