Madrid Skateboards 2014: 38 Years in the Making + 2014 lineup

Madrid has been working hard all off-season testing out a bunch of new shapes, molds, and layups in therr Huntington Beach factory. Today they announce the release of our 2014 quiver, with boards for everything from big mountain bombing to sidewalk putting.

Madrid’s premium freeride collection: The Nessie, New Yeti, GOat Sucker and Bigfoot

Madrid’s premium Freeride collection: The Nessie, New Yeti, Goat Sucker and Bigfoot

Highlights from the line include additions to the Madrid Mountain Legends premium freeride line, new pro-model Downhill boards, and a bunch of classic cruisers.

The NEW Madrid Yeti 38.75” 

From the snow-capped peaks of Madrid Mountain, the Yeti’s call can be heard. This shred-sled features a large 1/2” dropped platform with radial concave to keep your feet locked in during big slides. Built for high-speed freeriding, the Yeti is made from 8 plies of marble-dyed maple with a slick black Formica top to add torsional stiffness and reduce road vibrations. A filled-out shape with mellow kicks makes all 38.75” of this board useable, and CNC-cut wheel wells leave room for big wheels. Dial in your setup to work how you want with wheelbase options from 27” to 27.75”. Don’t get buried, outrun the avalanche on the Yeti.

Goat Sucker 41.5”

Forget the livestock and run for the hills! The Goat Sucker is back and ready to suck away what little was left of your free time. A long and lean drop-thru mounted slide machine, the Goat Sucker is designed with sideways in mind. This year we added a 3/4” rocker, drop-thru flush mounting, and flared wheel wells, all designed to keep you low and in control. We also brought the wheelbase in to 28.5”, made the kicktails bigger to make hunting your prey a little more fun, and added a layer of Formica to increase torsional strength and reduce road vibrations. This board is top-of-the line and constructed for serious freeriding enthusiasts. If you’ve been searching for a deck geared to handle huge slides at any grade you can throw its way, then the Goat Sucker is the baddest beast of them all.

Bigfoot 38”

Last year, Bigfoot came down from Madrid mountain and made headlines in all the tabloids of shred. This year, Bigfoot headed back up to his Mountain hideout to tweak his setup. Sporting the same dropdown W-concave as last year, but with a wider 10.75” platform, and a fuller kicktail, the Bigfoot will keep those trotters of yours on the board and off the ground during big held out pre-drifts. An added layer of Formica increases torsional stiffness and reduces road vibrations. Add in the characteristics of a smaller 27.75” wheelbase with fully functional CNC wheel wells, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a downhill / freeride machine capable of navigating even the steepest of mountain terrain. Stop combing the mountain, and start riding it.

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Wednesday February 5th, 2014
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