Some more info on Martin Siegrist TSG Pass helmet

TSGPass-MartinSiegristAnnounced at ISPO 2014 was the TSG Pass full face helmet designed by Martin Siegrist. After our initial post, Siegrist was kind enough to share some more info with us.

The shape was developed in Siegrist’s  industrial design thesis project back in 2009. The concept had a fixed double layer visor, much like a ski goggle. Updates were neede to switch  that to a injection molded single flip visor. Fast forward to summer 2012 and with TSG, Siegrist  started updating the design. As he point out to us it took a lot of time, but they wanted to have a perfect helmet.

Some more info:

  • Dual certified EN 1078 / ASTM 1952
  • Optically tested spherical visor
  • Antifog blocker, a mustache like piece of foam to guide exhaled air down and out of the helmet
  • Rear fairing for better aero and aggressive look
  • Short and compact chin guard
  • Removable magnetic cheek pads in the carbon version. Emergency system for severe accidents
  • Liner clips into EPS with 4 press buttons

Check our initial post for more images of the helmet.

More of Siegrist work at

Monday February 3rd, 2014
Helmet Safety