Andrew Chapman- French Alps & Max Wippermann – Faster| Landyachtz Crew Cuts

Above: Andrew Chapman is an OG on the Landyachtz team and is a serious pro at going fast and taking lines. This road in the Alps is his favorite road in the world. Andrew has unreal control on a longboard and absolutely destroys this run. See for yourself.

Driver: Dillon Stephens 

Above: Max Wipperman on a break from school in New York, so he decided to ditch the Polar Vortex and head to beautiful California and meet up with Jimmy Riha and the rest of the Rad Train Crew. Check out this edit of Max shredding an extremely bumpy road on his LY Evo. 

Camera: Jimmy Riha 
For both clips: Film/Edit: Andrew Chapman

Wednesday February 26th, 2014
Downhill Longboard