Kyle Wester is on the Rayne train with a new board in the pipeline


Will Royce (Left) next to Rayne’s new recruit Kyle Wester

Just announced today is a distribution partnership for Rayne Longboards. Starting January 2014 NHS will take on the USA distribution rights for Rayne Longboards.

The most interesting thing about this  is the new Sales Rep for Rayne at NSH. It is none other than Kyle Wester.. This also means the Colorado native is swiching board sponsor. The 10th 2013 season IDF ranked rider  now rides for Rayne, Road Rider Wheels and Mob Grip.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with two solid companies while also balancing it with my pro career,” Wester states. “I think the vision and values of both companies complement each other and I look forward to applying my product knowledge and sales expertise to help grow this brand and product.” 

What Rayne has to say:

Longboardism also reached out to Rayne’s Tem manager Papa Les Robertson for his thought on this new acquisition and distribution deal.

Longboardism: The Rayne team is shaping up real good with the addition of Kyle Wester. What are your thoughts on this new recruit and the season ahead?

Les Robertson:  The Rayne team has a strong race presence already with guys like [Douglas] Dalua, Patrick [Switzer], and G-Mack [George Mackenzie] making the podium constantly. Team is an interesting word though, because the association is “working together”. Our team works together to advance downhill skateboarding and lead design, participation and performance. With that, each rider brings their own unique, international style and grace to these aspects. Kyle, like Dalua in Brazil and Patrick in Canada, brings his own personal essence to the Rayne team to help support the growth of downhill and the presence of Rayne in the USA.

“We’re stoked to be working with Kyle on a new board and are confident this relationship is going to bring some amazing things to Downhill in America and around the world.” – Les Robertson

Longboardism: What does that mean for people currently buying Rayne products in the USA now that a deal has been reached with NHS? 

Les Robertson: No real changes for USA purchasers, the changes come for USA retailers. It offers them better service, credit terms, faster shipping and all from NHS where they already get amazing skateboard products. We may see some new shops open up, but most importantly support for existing ones will definitely improve.

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Friday January 3rd, 2014