The Grifter – Lush’s Jordan Riachi’s new brick Shape


From Lush:

Aussie TeamRider Jordan Riachi loved his Steezestoker, but wanted something a little lighter, shorter and more manouverable. So together, we came up with this – the Grifter, an all-new brick shape.

The intention here was to make a short, functional deck based on a 25.5″ wheelbase, which is one of the shorter options on Fabian’s Steezestoker. Jordan wanted this deck to be focussed on downhill and freeride, which has allowed us to loose a lot of length as we don’t really need a full nose and tail at the target wheelbase. We also widened the nose and tail out to maximise the standing platform, giving as much room as possible on a relatively short wheelbase.

What we’ve ended up with is a highly functional shape, with room to move your feet, but with the manourverability and response that a shorter wheelbase brings. If you are pushing your switch skating you’ll appreciate the symmetry, and we’ve used a real subtle Rocker Profile to give your feet enough grip for those giant standups.

Like the Steezestoker, we have added many different wheelbase options, so whlie the deck is shaped around a 25.5,” it is actually possible to go longer to 26.3″ for a little more stability, or right down to 20.5″ for an ultra-short brick with full nose and tail. CNC Wheel Wells minimise wheelbite however you choose to set things up.

This deck oozes design and function… if you want to skate like Jordan, you should check this deck out.

Length: 35.5″ / 90.2cm
Width: 9.75″ / 24.8cm
Wheelbase: Multiple 20.5″ / 52cm – 26.3″ / 66.6cm
Tail: 2.17″ / 5.5cm – 5″ / 12.7cm
Construction: Cold Pressed 9ply Canadian Maple w/ Epoxy Glue
Profile: 0.7″ / 1.8cm Symmetrical Rocker
Flex: Bone Stiff

Tuesday January 21st, 2014
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