Dreaming of electric skateboards: riding the Onewheel and the E-Go Cruiser | The Verge

Sam Sheefer head to the 2014 Consumer Electronic show to report on this year’s ‘electric skateboard’. After trying out the Board of Awesomeness and teh Zboard, her now gets his feet on the E-Go cruiser and the sort-of-a-board Onewheel.

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On a side note.

For everyone rolling their eyes at the thought of an electric skateboard, there are others 10 getting exited about it. The fact is that if people weren’t interested in using them, they wouldn’t exist. So based on what we’ve seen over the past few years, the market for electric skateboard – or should we say electric longboard (since the longer deck setup provide more stability), is alive and well.

Purist may have to accept that not everyone on a board is out there to shred the gnar. They may just want to be able to get from A-B in the most practical way possible.

For or against, having your product featured at CES means huge global awareness (probably worth more than the annual marketing of budget of top 5 non-electric longboard brands combined) and that’s hard to beat.

Saturday January 11th, 2014
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