Alternative Longboards collection 2014 | Haunted Woods

Poland: Alternative Longboard is only in their second year of production and already have made huge improvement on their First year learning. This is reflected in their 2014 collection Haunted wood.

We asked Alternative what the big changes were and this is what they told us:

“Huge difference – we rebuilt the boards from the beginning. All boards got new shapes and molds. Only Thunderbird still has got the same concave.
During last season we developped new technologies such as epoxy bubble – we add light glass micro-sphere to resin , all boards get bulletproof tails – very light and strong Kevlar construction (similar construction to bulletprof jackets). We changed carbon for better a one, a new glass composites. We developped scratch resistant graphics – special polymer secure graphics, and graphics got new shiny/ living colors. Boards got integrated wheelflairs – core is cnc maching and protect by scratch resistant graphics.”


Friday January 24th, 2014
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