Rad Manufacturing/Skate video – Braden Boards: Rojas Hybrids

Ozark Mtns: Braden Boards and Rojas trucks released a new video showcasing their trucks, Rojas Hybrids, being manufactured and some of their team shredding them. The Rojas trucks features Symmetrical Tension Technology ™


About Symmetrical Tension Technology ™

Each truck exhibits four symmetrically placed pins. Two of these pins are sticking out of the hanger perpendicular to the two pins coming out of the baseplate. As the truck is turned, two sets of pins move closer together creating two symmetrical points of compression. However, these same pins are moving away from the opposite pins and create tension within the urethane bushing in two symmetrical points. This equates to a patent pending technology that not only pushes you back to center but also pulls you back to center.




Thursday December 26th, 2013
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