Introducing the Cantellated & Truncated Tesseracts | Loaded Boards

Loaded Boards now offer single-kick (Cantellated) and no-kick (Truncated) variations of the Tesseract. Since the Loaded ambassadors were already DIY deck-chopping their Tesseract, Loaded just made it into a reality. The Cantellated Tesseract offers a lighter and more compact alternative for those who love to shred and ollie with unidirectional style, while the Truncated Tesseract is a pared-down platform for canyon-carving and downhill-racing geeks.

Cantellated Tesseract


The Cantellated Tesseract sports a single tail kick and features a wider and fuller shape. The width of the board stays consistent all the way up to the blunted nose.

Truncated Tesseract

Truncated-Tesseract0 The Truncated Tesseract has dropped it’s two tails for more traditional and race-driven shape. The board retains maximum width all the way back to the bolts while the nose tapers gently.

The Cantellated and Truncated Tesseracts are now available in select shops worldwide.


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Wednesday December 4th, 2013
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