Earthwing Skateboard announces the aptly named N.L.S (Next Level Sh#t)


A couple of rendering just popped up on Earthwing’s facebook page.  We are told it is their soon to be released N.L.S (Next Level Sh#t) pressed with no glue. The composite material itself melts under heat and pressure bonding the veeners together.  This seems to be indeed Nex Level Sh#t.

From Earthwing Facebook post:

Pressed with no glue. It’s made with a composite I  call “unbelievium” that also is used to bond the veneer. It’s pressed under a process called “CrushWeld”(tm) that melts the unbelievium under extreme heat and pressure, resulting in the bonds being stronger than the materials itself. Little to no torsional flex at 4 plys. More rigid than a 9-10 ply, and 1/2 the weight. There is a revolved radius in the kicks. This is the first time in skateboarding that a true 360 concave happened as far as I know. It makes the deck even stiffer over the critical mounting areas. More power and control for the driver. This mold is so dope, you can’t grip it with one single sheet. When you look at the ends you can see the wood core was crushed into submission by the natural corrugation of the core under the pressure.


Thursday December 12th, 2013
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