UPDATE: Wheelchair Longboarding 2013 with Antonio Hoempler

Hamburg, Germany: With his slightly modified longboard, Antonio Hoempler mount his wheelchair on his longboard and skates away like it’s no one’s business. His modification to a regular deck; a 1cm metal rails with epoxy.

Film and edit: Antonio Hoempler & Adrian Knauf

An update from the man behind the wheels

“After a couple of days of finding out how to ride my Wheelchair on a Skateboard I got the chance to film it with friends and make my very first movie.
Years ago I had an accident when snowboarding. Since then my legs have been paralysed. I used to ride skateboarding before, but not untill recently I thought “Wait a minute, longboards are broader than a wheelchair” and got metal rails + epoxy and put it on a lowrider longboard (like the evo from landyachtz but from early skateboards australia).
A walking friend of mine learned doing a wheely with a wheelchair within minutes and could do wheelchair longboarding right away. The hardest thing in the beginning is probably getting on the board which is like riding up a curb. The real challenge is getting of the board without falling. The faster you go, the harder the “landing”. But if one does the sport at 3 to 10 Km/h it is pretty laid back, just like crusing with your bicycle.
So far It is not an extrem sport like WCMX (Wheelchair Trick Skating) but people can make it an extreme sport by going faster. But that´s not my interest. In Spring 2014 (Hamburg, Germany) I want to ! Get Wheelchairs riders on Longboards ! and show wheeling people how easy and fun it is to ride a Skateboard. Now it´s winter but next spring I want to get a Wheelchair to crash with an push the sport a little bit further. + I thought of Wheelchair Skateboarding How-to-ride courses, self made boards, more documentary-like videos for next year.”

~Antonio (Francisco) Hoempler


Wednesday November 13th, 2013
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