Search Inside – Trailer | Jorge Pernes Travel journal

Madeira, Portugal: Search Inside is the travel journal of downhill skateboarder Jorge Pernes. Jorge has been on his journey for many years but now you have the chance to join him in his adventures and share in what drives his passion. With the close co operation of carefully selected sponsors and media partners that share Pernes love for longboarding we bring you Search Inside. With each Search Inside episode we will follow Jorge and share in his adventures.

Our Aim is to show you what happens when a skater makes the decision to leave his comfort zone and explore new paths. You will see Pernes skate amazing landscapes while interacting with local skaters and experiencing what the local culture has to offer.

Longboarding can be so much more than just another “extreme sport” Just watch one episode and you will see what we mean. With this first instalment you will see the beutiful Volcanic Island of Madeira and meet the locals.

Monday November 25th, 2013
Community Downhill