Pre-release orders for the long time coming Liquid and Fyre Trucks

Chaput explaining his truck innovation back in 2010

Chris Chaput, after many years since first mentioned, finally brings his innovation in trucks to the masses. The ‘new’ Liquid and Fyre Precision trucks are now available for pre-release orders. The Liquid precision is priced at $199.99 while teh Fyre precision truck are at $259.99.


The New Fyre Trucks with Sliding Kingpin Technology

Why the $60 price difference? well it all has to do with the sliding kingpin system that only put compression and resistance on the bushings  when turning.

Sliding Kingpin Technology


The Sliding Kingpin technology on the Fyre trucks is a great innovation. The weight of the rider doesn’t load the bottom bushing. Instead the two pivot bearings, where the hanger leans on a very precise axis of rotation, take care of the rider’s weight . This frees up the bushings up to do their job which is to provide compression and resistance when turning.

As Chaput puts it “If the kingpin was fixed in the baseplate like a regular truck, the bottom bushing wouldn’t be getting compressed when tightening the truck and the top bushing would be pressing down hard and wanting to bend the middle of the suspended hanger down. But instead the forces that compress the bushings come from both the top and the bottom and the intended baseplate angle never changes!”

Precise axis of rotation and maintaining their intended baseplate angles no matter how much you tighten them down; getting the bushing to take care of the turning resistance rather than the rider’s load; What’s there not to like.

Liquid Trucks LRG

The Liquid Trucks

Liquid and Fyre trucks will have wide range of hanger options and will be available from the 100mm to 200mm (inclusive) in 5mm increments. Both model baseplates are available  in 20°, 30°, 40°, 45°, 50°  with the Liquid model having  and extra 35° options.

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Tuesday November 12th, 2013
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