Brazilian Nick Crown All Around | Balian

Juiz De Fora, MG, Brazil: The Guys at Balian showing their usual great production skills. In this film they feature Loaded Ambassador Nick Crown, his skill and hometown spots.

Since the recent resurgence of downhill longboard, Skateboarding seemed destined to segregation between hard and soft wheels between flips and slides.
However skateboarding is skateboarding and there is no right or wrong about it  and suddenly what seemed to be no longer seems.
In “All Around” Nick Crown shows us the way and between tricks and slides, switch and base the resets what we used to call “freeriding”.


Set up: Loaded Kanthaka 8.8 wide | Indy 159mm trucks | Orangatang Moronga 86a Yellow wheels|

Loaded Chubby Unicorn | Bear precision trucks | Orangatang Moronga 86a Yellow wheels

Special appearance by Isabela Barros of SKATE GIRLS JF (

EDIT: Marcelo Neto, Pedro Barbosa

FILMING: Marcelo Neto, Pedro Barbosa, Raphael Garone, Gabriel Klein, André Garcia

Wednesday November 13th, 2013
Freeride Weekly Top 5