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Mexico: Rayne Longboards, in partnership with Vicious Griptape and On Board Distribution, is proud to announce the All the Pinche Way Tour around Mexico!

A small scout team of Rayne riders visited Mexico in 2012 to participate in the Monterreal Longboard Festival and was absolutely stoked with the people, the hills and the chiquichores… I mean, food. One year later and they knew they had to head back, not just to one race, but all the pinche way through the country!

Kicking off October 15th with a stop in Guadalajara, the Rayne team made up of international’s Levi Green, Mark Short, Aaron Enevoldsen, Will Edgecombe, George Vincent and joined by local’s Dan Favela and Fer Bailleres, will be hitting some of local events, sessions, retail shops and bars all around Mexico until the end of October.

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Rayne Longboards en colaboración con Vicious Griptape y On Board Distribution nos orgullecemos en anunciar el “All the Pinche Way” Tour en México!

Un pequeño grupo de riders visitamos México en el 2012 para participar en el Monterreal Longboard Fest y quedamos sorprendidos con la gente, las bajadas y los Chiquichores… perdón, la comida. Ha pasado mas de un año y sabíamos que era necesario regresar, no solo a una carrera pero All The Pinche way a través del país!

Comenzando el 15 de Octubre, nuestra primer parada será Guadalajara, el equipo de Rayne conformado por los riders internacionales Levi Green, Mark Short, Aaron Enevoldsen, Will Edgecombe, George Vincent y los locales Dan Favela y Fer Bailleres, visitaremos eventos, sesiones, tiendas y algunos bares.


Thursday October 10th, 2013
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