Police cracks down with arrests at the 2013 Broadway Bomb

TLPPro‘s Thomas Pagut caught some of the commotion

NewYork, NY: The  now ‘illegal’ Broadway Bomb took place yesterday despite a court injunction. But just like last year a flurry of skaters showed up to face a heavy police presence. Reports suggest over 1500 skaters were on the strip that yesterday.

But this year , the Police did not just sit on the side line and act as an escort. They cracked down with arrests and summons.The bomb has reached critical mass and will be happening no matter what. It’ll probably even take place without anyone organizing anything since it’s at the same place and on the same saturday every year.  While the police will never be able to arrest everyone taking part, their strategy seems to be to arrest a small group and hope that their message resonate with a young and at time alienated, crowd.


The New York Post being the New York Post had some choice word about the event. Read their coverage here
Sunday October 13th, 2013
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