Kickr: Electrify Every Longboard? Done! Now let’s get Stealth mode.

Kickr on a test ride in the Windy City

Kickr, the detachable electric drive system for your skateboard/longboard has already surpased it’s Kickstarter funding goal by over 10K in less than two week.

For those of you not familiar to this new product check out previous post about it here.

Rather taking it easy they are now aiming at doubling their initial funding goal and aim for 30k which which if reach will mean that all backer who pledge for a device will get it equiped with stealth mode.


What is stealth mode?

All the electric skateboard we’ve seen so far have had the same way of operating. Press a throttle, pedal or press a knob or button and the harder you press/turn the faster you go.  Stealth mode is Kickr’s attempt at doing it different. Stealth mode turns the the electrical component into  an extension of your natural push by seamlessly kicking in when needed.

Inventor Evan Merz explains it best:

“Stealth Mode – We’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to control Kickr. We realized that the most natural way for experienced longboarders to get up to speed is to do what they’ve always done: KICK! With Stealth mode, the throttle pad becomes a “cruise” button. After you kick up to the desired speed, you can depress the throttle pad to hold that speed. As soon as you let off, Kickr will coast for you.”

Improved contact patch


With every new product being in prototype mode and development, there always improvement to be made and kickr is no exception. One of the improvement will be the replacement of the contact patch wheel with a polyurethane one witha durometer close to 78a. Being softer than most wheels, it will take the brunt of the wear. Wear on the actual skate wheel is expected to be minimal but it will still be necessity to rotate them every few months. The kind of wear introduced should be no worse than that from sliding and Unbalanced weight distribution.

Check out the whole project and help fund it on Kickstarter

Friday October 11th, 2013
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