Holesom bring you something to stick their famous pucks on; gloves


After 7 months of getting things just right, Holesom is just about to release its first slide glove. We always thought Holesom gloves would have bumps on them to which their pucks holes would perfectly lock-in but it looks like they took a more universal approach.


Made of premium leather these gloves unfortunately do not have one of the element that the company’s pucks are known for; a nice scent. Would have been real handy to hide the sweaty gloves smell.

The gloves will feature:

  •  Best leather of any slide glove, we made sure of it
  • Super thick finger pads
  • Non-tear perforated leather palm side
  • Cushy padded palm velcro
  • Comfortable suede tongue closure system
  • Knuckle patches with embossed company motto
  • Reinforced stitching



Wednesday October 16th, 2013
Longboard Safety