Broadway bomb 2013 | Skate Invaders & Tom Pagut

From skate invader Nuss

New York, NY: New York city is always adventure and lucky for us we had a great experience with lots of friendly people. Thanks you New York for being so welcoming to all our Canadian friends!!

Thank you to the police who were not arresting people and caring about there safety instead. Thank you to the people who were not being dicks to cops. Skate boarding is not a crime and together one day everyone will understand.

Film/Edit: Jonathan Nuss
Music: Krs-one – Sound of da police
Washed Out – Yeah

Tom Pagut’s edit

New York, NYBroadway Bomb Recap Video. Features skating during the Bomb and after going through areas of Central Park! Also check Tom Pagut previous video showing police arresting skaters at this year’s event

Wednesday October 16th, 2013