Airflow Skateboards’ first dancer deck the new “Arsenidis Stage”

Hamburg based Airflow rider Simon Arsenidis, the man behind this deck, filmed this video with friend Simon Sti.

The “Arsenidis Stage” is Airflow’s new foray into the dancing world. The «Stage» is a topmount dancer longboard with nose and tail. Designed in cooperation with Airflow new team rider Simon Arsenidis this Maple combined with bamboo deck makes for a nice and durable flex.

It’s creator, Simon Arsenidis tells us more about how it came to be:


Photo and video by Simon Sti

A few years ago I started longboarding when I did my studies abroad in Madrid, Spain. Since then I started dancing inspired by the whole longboarding crew in Madrid. Then, I moved back to Berlin where I continued riding with my crew. Some months ago Chris Hart, owner of Airflow Skateboards, asked me if I want to join the team and to design Airflow’s first dancer. I accepted.

I designed the board in cooperation with Airflow’s team rider Martin Siegrist who is also industrial designer and who did the technical realization. 

The “Arsenidis Stage” is a topmount dancer longboard with nose and kicktail. I think that it is a well-thought-out board, which has every attribute a current dancing board needs for doing x-steps, manuals, flips and what so ever.


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Sunday October 6th, 2013
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