MOTO Urban PEDAL – When the cycling industry gets inspiration from us.


The German designed MOTO Urban pedals boast its innovative design, as a complete game changer for city cyclists. Working with a team that included engineers from the aerospace industry, the company spent four years developing a bike pedal. The MOTO Pedal features a patent-pending sandwich construction developed using cutting-edge engineering expertise.

What ? These rocket scientists toosk took 4 years to come up with a 9-ply with some coarse grip tape on it. Well it looks like that at first site but there’s more to it (See parts picture below)


Either way, whether they know it or not these pedals are definitely skate inspired and you really miss your deck when you are on your bike, you could get yourself a pair. But at over $200 a set, some may find it hard to justify the purchase.

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Tuesday September 24th, 2013