The Longboarding Scene in Korea | Long Road Magazine

From Shawn Parco , Manager of Long Road Magazine:

Long Road magazine is a Facebook web magazine to introduce surfing and longboard to the public and enjoy together. Many Koreans are stoked to Long Road page and begin longboarding and surfing.

This video is produced to spread Korean longboard scene to overseas. Despite of different culture, we all love longboarding. We communicate with longboarders by doing ‘Sunday City Cruising’ event biweekly. We are also trying to inform foreign tourists of Korean longboard scenes and give them good memories.

‘Celebrating Korean Thanks giving day 2013’
Director: Sean Parco
Starring: Blazer J. & Win.D
Production Designer: Yuno Baek
Music by Ryu Ji Yeon

Friday September 20th, 2013
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