Padova Grand Prix – IGSA’s first 2013 season World Cup Race | Official movie

Teolo, Italy:You may be forgiven for almost having forgotten about the IGSA but i’s still around. After a mojority of it’s high profile races pulling out of the circuit to join that of teh new;y formed IDF, this season see the IGSA with pretty slim picking. The retained however teh Padova Grand Prix.

This years event went down August 1-4 and it was teh first of 3 World Cup race. The next 2 WC race will both be in South America. Snake Skeleton Downhill in San Luis, Argentina will be first (Oct 17-20) followed he the world Championship at the Top Skate Pro Teutonia in Teutonia Brazil (NOV 15-18)

Result for the Open Downhill Skateboard 

  1. Aliex Gallimo
  2. Alexandre Brines
  3. Melvin Hermann

More result at

Wednesday August 14th, 2013
Downhill Longboard Race