OPEN – Longboard Girls Crew Skate Israel in new feature length movie


Everyone  is already line up. The riders, 14 world class female rider, and  production team are ready to roll. All they really need now is your help to fund the project via their indiegogo campaign. (Scroll down for link)


The riders will features ladies from all over the world with different cultures and include Katie Nielson, Amanda Powell, Marisa Nuñez, Cindy Zhou, Ishtar Bäcklund, Cami Best, Jenna Russo, Eider Walls, Cristina Mandarina, Michaela Wilson, Gador Salis, Gina Mendez, Jacky Madenfrost & Valeria Kechichian

Meet the Direcor Daniel Etura

Open will be directed by Latin Grammy nominee Daniel Etura. LGC is producing it, the DaSilva Boards crew in Israel is helping with everything over there and  Matt Kienzle is to be the second camera operator.

OPEN Indiegogo campaign

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Saturday August 10th, 2013
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