Longboard/Skateboard Car Rack on Kickstarter | Bring Your Board

Hey boarders! Lacey, here, with an awesome invention. It’s a longboard and/or skateboard rack that can go in your car or on your wall. Bout time, right?


Like you, I was tired of my boards taking up way too much space in my car, making it difficult to get to the other gear in there, and hearing the board(s) banging around and damaging stuff. So I had a rack designed, built it, used it, loved it, and patented it.


Now I’ve got a Kickstarter campaign going to raise money to start up production. On Kickstarter you can either donate money for a heart felt thank-you in return or a guarantee for a longboard rack of your own!

Check it out here for more pics and videos

Wednesday July 31st, 2013
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