Longboard Backpack: Concrete Native Kickstarter

Concrete Native is a project we started to create a simple yet highly functional action sports bag. Through years of designing, testing and different materials we have a production prototype. Now we are ready to bring it to the marketplace!


The most important thing about the bag is…IT WORKS! Very few, if any, skate bags are capable of carrying a longboard. Those that can carry a board do a bad job of it at best. Most skate bags barely even carry a traditional skateboard well for that matter. We set out to make a bag that could carry any board type, shape, or size-and do it comfortably.

We were also frustrated with the general “look” of most skate bags.  Let’s face it, the straps are kind of ugly.


So we made sure the straps can be hidden when not in use.

Get more info and help fund this project at www.kickstarter.com


Tuesday July 16th, 2013
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