Tanque Pawnshop Cup | DH MEDIA PERU

Villa Maria del Triunfo, Lima, Peru: Peru’s AP DS National Circuit – The Tanque Pawnshop Cup at the Basadre Speed Festival 2013, bringing together the best riders of the local scene. The coveted  title of Peruvian National Champion is not taken litely here in the Andes Region. A day of speed, good vibes and full of fun.

Organized by: AP DS, Municipalidad of VMT, Tanque Pawnshop and DH Media.

Sponsors: Ladera Skateboards, Gunmetal Trucks, Cyclon Energy Drink, WD, For Extreme (4X) and Downhill or Die.

Edit Luis Carlos Mongrovejo (DH Media Crew)

Wednesday June 26th, 2013
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