Ravenhill 7.0

Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden: Last weekend the Swedish community gathered for the seventh edition of Ravenhill. Previously held under the IGSA banner, this year’s edition saw a new track record.

Open Division:

  1. Per (Pjäx) Christner
  2.  Adam Persson
  3. Mauritz Armfelt


  1. Jakob Eriksson
  2. Samuel (Schtekman) Ekman
  3. Benjamin Tillius


  1. Kristina Engstrand
  2. Fanny Ahlm
  3. Malin Haapaharju

Event organizer: www.jsmlongboards.com
Video by Emina Andersson: stokeified.blogspot.se

Friday June 14th, 2013
Downhill Race