New Omen Longboards Barfight – Release Date June 10th

Washington: Team Inspired, the OMEN Longboards Barfight deck is a very organic feeling board, that is mean to provide lots of features to lock into without feeling constricted, or too tall off of the deck.


The other main component that sets this deck apart from others is the large flat nose and tail that allow the board to be ollied, and give the deck significant height when popping off the ground. The board is also very versatile with its wheelbase options running from 22.5-26.5 inches.

The Deck is 9.5 inches wide keeping up with the demands of the OMEN Team, a slightly narrower deck allows for more heel and toe overhang, which gives more opportunity to stay aware of where your feet are on the deck.

Specs: Length: 37″ | Width 9.5″ | Wheelbase 22.5″-26.5″

Friday June 7th, 2013
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