Meet the Crew: Den Haag Rookie Downhill Division & AZ Push

The Landyachtz Show Us Your Scene submission deadline has passed and now we wait for the results. In the meantime check out these 2 submission that were shared with us.

Den Haag Rookie Downhill Division

Submitted by DHRDD

The Netherlands: We made this video for the Landyachtz contest. Living in Holland, no big hills at all, but that’s no big deal for The Den Haag Downhill Rookie Division! The stoke here is so big, we have fun on the most easy hill. Sickboards teamrider Arjan Koek came up with the idea to start this division to help the longboarders with everything they need! Big thanks to him for that! The scene is growing really fast, meetings with over 40 people. It was alot of fun making this video, gave us a chance to show our local spots and everyone in this scene. Young or old, it doesn’t matter, everybody likes to have fun and like we dutch people call it, BRULLEN!!!

Arizona Longboarding with AZ Push

Submitted by Manuel

Tucson, Az, US: This was originally a video for the Landyachtz “Show Us Your Scene” competition. It’s an incredibly awesome video that really shows how awesome the group of skaters are here in the desert heat! We’re a close-knit group of friends that always skate to progress, but more importantly to have a great time.

azpushSkating for us is a time when we don’t have to worry about work, the school project due next week, or the rent due at the end of the month. It’s a time where we let loose and have as much fun as we possibly can, and I wanted to embody that as I edited this video. They have pushed me to become the skater and person I am today; these are my friends.

Sunday June 2nd, 2013