The Blur – New race wheels from Bamboo Skateboards made from corn


Oceanside, CA: Bamboo Skateboards, the sustainable skateboard manufacturer and brand, has released a new line of eco-friendly downhill wheels.

The Blur wheels are just as they sound: FAST! The wheels have a square lip design to help with control at high speeds and will be paired with the company’s pintail and directional drop through longboard shapes. They are 70mm x 55mm, 78a durometer, and a deep red color with gold hub.


The wheels are not only bigger and better, but unlike typical wheels made of urethane, the corn-based wheels utilize a new corn fermentation process to offset the usage of petroleum. “While it doesn’t eliminate the need for petroleum-based ingredients, it’s definitely a step in the right direction for those who care about helping to reduce the industry’s dependence on petroleum based products,” states Mark Olson, marketing director for Bamboo Skateboards.

The Blur wheels will be available on June 10th and can be purchased separately or with completes.

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About Bamboo Skateboards:

Bamboo Skateboards are manufactured from managed bamboo forests and help reduce the environmental impact against traditional maple manufactured skateboards, which often lead to maple deforestation. The boards are known for their strength, lightness and amazing POP, which is the #1 feature of the short decks. The company has built into its corporate DNA a “100 decks for 1” program, in which every 100 decks sold earns 1 free skateboard to an at-risk youth. This is coupled with the fact that most decks are directly tied to benefit charities and non profits such as World Wildlife Fund, Red Cross, Grind For Life, Standup for Skateparks, Musicares, Surfrider Foundation, etc.

Wednesday June 12th, 2013
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