Yvon Labarthe’s South America trip — part 5

Labarthe is back from Uruguay to Argentina and spends some time in Libano and then heads to Brazil. Experience skating in South America.

Here’s what Labarthe has to say about the video:

Here it is the part 5 ! I came back from Uruguay in Buenos Aires. I spend some nights at Libano, it’s a park where lot of people come to make sports like running, yoga or play football. And we skating on the road around. It’s a cool spot where I felt good vibes, that’s why I made a video with Bruno, the roommate of Manu Mordcovich. I had lot of very good times in Argentina, I hope you can feel it through this video. After I get to Brazil. I spend my days in Tiago Mohr House. It was a lot of good hills around his house, I made a video the first day I was there because I was amazed by all the good spots was around his house. Especially “Vila Nova 2”. Music : Los Solfa – Pero igual | Gang Starr – Full Clip | Joel Hisaishi – Lipstick Message | Los Solfa – Conchuda | Thanks To Miga, Manu, Vinicius to help me to film all that.


Friday May 3rd, 2013
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