wants to feature YOU and everyone else in their crowdsourced movie


The pitch: To unite the whole extreme world and record a full-length movie in one day by joining forces.

On 31/08/2013, everyone from different countries and different extreme sport disciplines will hold cameras, phones, to record short videos ( max 2mins). The crowd-sourced footages will then be converted into a full length movie for all to watch.

serce-be-participant, a side project by, is seeking extreme sport enthusiasts froma round the word to contribute to this project. BMX, FMX, Freebord, MTB, Skateboard, Snowboard and Longboards are all part of the mix.

This project has just been announced and at the time we are writing this post, only one person was registered under the Longboard category.

Join the project at

Friday May 31st, 2013
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