Newtons Nation knockout round highlights + Top Ten shootout

Bathurst, Australia: Today is Finals day at Newtons Nation with Lamdyachtz’s Dillon Stephens seeded at #1 for the Opens Finals. Yesterday wrapped up with the Top Ten shootout which saw Stalk It Alex Tongue clock the fatest time and take home $1000. while we wait for the finals, check out the highlights from the knockout round (above) and catch highlights of the Top Ten Shootout (Below) plus the usual crash compilation.

Top Ten Shootout


  1. Alex Tongue
  2. Micah Green
  3. James Kelly
  4. Kyle Wester
  5. Dillon Stephens
  6. Kevin Reimer
  7. Louis Pilloni
  8. Andrew Haiby
  9. Douglas Silva
  10. Kyle Martin

Bonus: Saurday Morning CRASH package

Finals day and here are your top 10 seeds

  1. Dillon Stephens
  2. Kevin Reimer
  3. Alex Tongue
  4. Kyle Wester
  5. Louis Pilloni
  6. Kyle Martin
  7. Jonas Richter
  8. Andrew Haiby
  9. Jackson Shapiera
  10. Kelly Carter

Make sure to check out the complete seedings and race pool at

Remeber, you can watch all the action live here

Saturday May 4th, 2013
Downhill Race