Industry Updates: Wheels, wheels and more wheels.

Lots is happening in the world of wheels . Last weekend Volante announced the 82 A Morgan wheels and earlier this week, the BC Collective were helping promote  newly formed Skidro Wheels.  But these weren’t the only 2 wheel related news that happened over the last severn days.

 Fresh Wheel Co releases their first 2 wheels.



Pennsylvania: We mentioned newly formed Fresh wheel co. in our last industry update and since then they have released their first 2 models. The 80A 66mm Cream Kings feature an offset core and a 43mm stoneground contact patch while thee Danger offer a 72mm, 46.5mm contact patch in an 80a thane.

More info on their facebook page


Harfang Wheels


Harfang Wheels (a division of Harfang Solutions, snowskates manufacturers) modifies existing wheels to improve their performance in certain conditions. They are still at the beginning but are already seeing very good potential to push the racing wheels designs further.

More on them at


Venom’s NEW Fishscale Formula

VenomFishscaleVenom New Fishscale formula is now available in their  70mm Venom balls and 65mm Thug Passion wheels. The new formula is an exclusive to Venom and has been developed at a new Facility in the USA.

Get them at


Skate the East reviews the Orangatang Moronga

The Morongas are not new on the scene but our friend form Skate the East just released and in depth review. Featuring east coasters Jake Wade (Bustin’ Boards), Noah Davis (Original Skateboards) and Henry Lancaster-Goguen shredding some of Connecticut’s finest, putting all 3 duros through their paces.

Read the complete review at

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Saturday May 25th, 2013
Longboard Wheels