The Fifth Annual Cathlamet Downhill Corral Skateboard Festival is coming

Coverage from the 2012 Slide Comp

Cathlamet, WA: Mark your Calendar, Friday August 23rd through Sunday the 25th, 2013 will be the fith Annual Cathlamet Downhill Corral Skateboard Festival.

Highlights form 2011

This 3 day festival has it all – downhill race, boardercross, multiple slalom events and a push race. What we like best about it is that there’s an overall event champion. Points for every event you enter, more points the higher you place, whoever has the most points Sunday night has bragging rights of champion.

You gotta be it to win it so start planningand make sure to get you name down when registration opend June 7th, 6pm.

Not everything is updated yet but keep and eye on for more info

Monday May 20th, 2013
Boardercross Event Race Slalom Slide