Yvon Labarthe’s South America trip — part 4

Argentina & Uruguay: Part four of Labarthe’s trip to South America and a continuation of the good times south of the Equator.

In Yvon Labarthe’s own word:

Here it is the part 4 ! I was with Miga, Lele, Manu and another guy in a gated communities where we had some fun and lot of mosquitos. After, we goes to La Plata with Manu for a small event. It was a very good time there, everybody was nice, they don’t have any downhill almost… But they have nice places to skate, like one nice park. The city is more quiet than Buenos Aires… I slept in Camila’s house where I made the last beautiful timelapse. Thanks to Camila and Josephina to take care about me.

The week-end after la Plata, I go to Uruguay to check the spot : Bajada De Pena (means : Downhill of shame), a 19% spot. the temperature of the air was 37 dedrees, crazy ! I met lot of cool people there too. I had a really good time in Uruguay, even if the city was a little weird.

Thanks To Dan Montes De Oca, Josefina Mendez, Juan Detry and Manu Mordcovich who helped me to film all this !


Wednesday April 24th, 2013
Downhill Longboard