Hi5ber – Carbon Fiber Longboards

At first, it started off as a project in our garage. We noticed the ever-increasing trend of longboarding in our region and wanted to figure out what we could do to innovate the sport. We’ve always enjoyed putting things together in the past, and to come up with something that would revolutionize longboarding was quite obvious.


As an engineer with experience in many fields, Ronnie (Shand)knew what had to be introduced to the game. We needed to work with a material that’s more suitable to the rider; something that’s lighter and stronger. We knew that it had to be carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is the ideal candidate when it comes to longboarding, and we at Hi5ber will make what’s been missing in this action sport come to life.

More details on this project at www.kickstarter.com


Monday April 29th, 2013
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