Caliber Truck Co. founder and president Brandon Stewart joins Arbor Skateboards

 Arbor's Bob Carlson and Caliber's Brandon Stewart

Arbor’s Bob Carlson and Caliber’s Brandon Stewart

Arbor Skateboards has hired Brandon Stewart, the President and Founder of Caliber Truck Co., as its new Skate Marketing Manager.  He will move to the Arbor’s office in Venice, CA, to take on his new role  as well as continue to run the Caliber family of brands.

“I couldn’t be more stoked about bringing Brandon into the Arbor family,” says Bob Carlson, The Arbor Collective’s Co-founder and President.  “Both Brandon and Caliber are amazing fits for the Arbor brand and vibe.  The guy has done an unreal job building the Caliber product and image.  I can hardly wait to see what he will be able to accomplish at Arbor Skateboards,” continued Carlson.

Over the next few months Arbor will start converting much of its reverse kingpin “complete” skateboard packages to Caliber Trucks.  This will include all of its core downhill designs as well as its more technical freeride, freestyle, cruiser, and carve oriented shapes.

Arbor Skateboards will also become distributor of the full line of Caliber products including cast and precision trucks and hardware.  Arbor Skateboards will distribute Caliber on a non-exclusive basis in most markets, but will have the exclusive right to distribute in Europe, via Arbor-Europe.

James Kelly skating Arbor and Caliber

James Kelly skating Arbor and Caliber

“Arbor has one of the coolest styles and visions in skateboarding,” says Brandon Stewart. “The fact that Caliber and myself will be working closely with Arbor is a huge honor. I am excited to help the brand reach new heights in the coming years; its going to be as much fun as it will be rewarding,” continued Stewart.

Caliber’s home base will remain in Santa Cruz, CA where the team will continue developing and supporting the most superior line of Skateboard Trucks on the market.  Spencer Joseph and Jamie Romero will head up the Nor Cal Caliber office under Brandon’s guidance.  Caliber customers can expect the same quality service with a smile that they’ve come to expect.  Look for a new range of colors, a renewed effort on standard trucks, and an ongoing focus on performance.

“We have an important relationship forming with Caliber now that Brandon is on board and our component and distribution programs have incorporated their products,” say Carlson.  “This partnership is really evident in the wider family through friendships that have existed for years and team riders that ride for both brands, including James Kelly, Aaron Grulich, and Tyler Howell,” continued Carlson.

“I am so stoked with the new partnership,” says team rider James Kelly. “Arbor and Caliber are leaders in quality and style, together we will push products, media, and skateboarding like never seen before.”

Monday April 8th, 2013
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