The NEW 2013 Dinghy in 6 flavors | Landyachtz Longboards

The Dinghy is back for 2013 with some heavy updates to make it the best all-around ripper out there! Fitting under every desk and into every closet or locker, the Dinghy is always ready to get you there faster in the raddest way possible.


Equipped with a fully-functional kicktail and soft top grip, you’ll be rolling smooth and snapping ollies over anything in your way. Complete with Bear Trucks and Hawgs Wheels, you can choose one of six Dinghy flavors and slash up everything along your commute.

Riders: David Rudgers, Travis Craig, Nick Breton, Kyle Martin, Dillon Stephens
Film/Edit: Dave Leslie

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Monday April 22nd, 2013
Deck Manufacturer Skateboard