Ronin long awaited cast truck finally in production


Ronin truck latest product is about to hit the shelf. The company just announced that production of the cast version of their SupportPin truck has started. Expect a cheaper alternative from Ronin coming soon.

More about these trucks from Ronin:

Boasting an almost identical geometry to our precision line of trucks, Ronin casts will feature a big amount of rake, our patent pending SupportPin™ and a 42.5° baseplate angle! Ronin cast trucks will also be featuring a lower profile kingpin and “standard” short kingpin nut and a radiused top edge for grindability without kingpin hang-up. Expect a preorder sale to hit the webstore in the very near future. Did I mention, the price is going to be under $100?! $375 Ronin precision turning at an entry level price! And for when you feel it’s time to upgrade, all parts of the Ronin family are 100% interchangeable! Precision baseplates and cast hangers? Cast baseplates and precision hangers? You got it!

More info Via Ronin’s Facebook page

Tuesday March 5th, 2013
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