What’s on the Rayne train so far this 2013

All the new Rayen deck for 2013 at loadsofdecks.com

All the new Rayne deck for 2013 at loadsofdecks.com

New for 2013 from Rayne are 2 new decks the Rayne Fortune and the Homewrecker. The fortune is the company’s latest addition to their freeride offerings and a close follow up to the Vandal while the Homewrecker, a stretched out Renegade, is the longest deck offered as part of their Slide Series.

The Fortune

The Rayne Fortune ( Top: Limited edition Greener Pasture)

The Rayne Fortune ( Top: Limited edition Greener Pasture)

The Fortune is the first deck designed by Patrick Switzer since he joined the Rayne team. A souped-up version of the Vandal with a kicked nose and tail, the Fortune uses Rayne new fat bottom construction which they first introduced with their 2012 Avenger.  It also features a new 3D style/feel which probably means that P-Swiss doesn’t have to build the concave he likes out of Vicious anymore.

The Homewrecker

RayneHomewreckerThe Homewrecker is a 40″ beast that will charm those who though the Phantom and Renegade were on the short side. Stiff enough to head downhill at high speed and full of pop to get over and around any obstacle, the Homewrecker has been a long time in the making ( Check out the an early prototype version which Les robertson shared with us back in December 2011)

New Nemesis graphic


Launched in ’08 the Nemesis sees it’s second graphic refresh.

Slide Series Graphic refresh – an hommage to classic horror movies posters


With the addition of the Homewrecker, Rayne’s whole Slide Series (Phantom, Renegade, Homewrecker)  got a graphic update. Film buffs, or those old enough to remember will immediately recognize the inspiration behind the artworks. A tribute to Cult classic films from the 1920s and 30’s and their poster artworks. Nosferatu, The Mummy and Frankenstein being re-imagined and immortalized of decks –  we totally dig it.


Thursday March 28th, 2013
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