What’s happening with Kebbek this 2013

a video showing the making of The 2013 Switchback

Lot’s of changes happening this year at Kebbeck, lineup refresh with some new model and some classic being retired.

The following was posted on Kebbek’s Facebook page paying tribute to the pioneers retiring their pro models:

As you may notice, many of the names you have come to know are not on a lot of the KebbeKs this year. These great skaters have retired their models: Max Erwin,]imZ, Pierre Gravel, Pascal “Rookie” Jean, Ian Comishin, ]F Boily, Dwayne Pereto, Steve Daddow and Jon Caften.They all agree it is time to make room for some ofthe young and innovative rippers out there, maybe even your name will go on the bottom of a KebbeK sometime soon! Don’t fret, you will still get to see these legends out there ripping on Kebbeks, and please tip your hat to them if you see them and thank them for the great contribution to skateboarding they‘ve made. For every model of Kebbek deck out there, there are 5 copy cats from imitating brands, just pick up a buyer’s guide from 1O years ago and compare it to the one you‘re holding now. Without these guys, downhill skateboarding would not be what it is today!

And here’s what the 2013 lineup looks like:



Sunday March 24th, 2013
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