The Freeryder – closeup video | Lush Longboards

The Lush Freeryder in a pretty sexy closeup video. Someone went all out with the video editing and special Effects.

From Lush:

We see longboarding and “freeriding” evolving faster right now than ever. To allow you to keep up, we’ve come up with our most radical deck shape yet – the Freeryder. Our goal was to create a symetrical powerslide monster that can be ollied and flipped. It’s a symetrical shape, versatile for riding switch and for doing shuvit variations – but it’s long and stiff enough to go fast without getting too sketchy. Our new CNC wheel well technology allows us to create a really wide shape so that you can get your feet right over the trucks for ultimate control. It also allows us to have a huge adjustable wheelbase, which adds a lot of setup possibilities – run it “short” for a usable nose and a tail, “medium” for a directional shape with a little more stability and an ollieable tail, and “long” for a speedier slide based, symetrical setup. We combined our trademark “hips” to the shape to give you some nice rail pockets with that rocker concave, and also used a regular “shortboard” shaped nose and tail so as not to mess with the pop. It slides, it flies, it bombs, it flips, it will pretty much do anything you can imagine!

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Friday March 29th, 2013
Deck Longboard Manufacturer