Santa Cruz ‘plagiarized’ art by Jeremy Scott at New York Fashion Week

Update: See what Jeremy Scott had to say about his influence and inspiration

Fashion Designer Jeremy Scott rolled out his Fall/Winter 2013-14 and the skate world is going mad. It seems that scott has ripped the famous artworks by Jim and Jimbo Phillips that adorns Santa Cruz decks.

Statement from  Robert A. Denike, CEO and President, NHS, Inc./Santa Cruz Skateboards:
“We had never heard of Jeremy Scott until it was brought to our attention,

This is not a collaboration or under license, nor did we or the Phillips family approve the use of this artwork on his apparel designs in any way.

It’s obvious to us, the Phillips family, the fans of Jim Phillips Sr. and Jimbo Phillips, and fans of the brand Santa Cruz Skateboards, as well as many in the global skateboard and skate art community that there is clear and obvious infringement by Mr. Scott. We are discussing this with our legal team to determine our next steps.

These two artists and this brand are iconic. Any true fan of skateboarding will tell you how the Phillips artwork style, this brand and the activity of skateboarding has positively influenced their lives.

It may just be artwork to Mr. Scott, to be used and thrown away by next season, but these artists and brand mean a lot to many people around the world. And by the looks of the outcry on social media, skateboarders and non-skater’s alike are angry to have two of their most favored artists and one of the original true skateboard brands violated in such a way.

I hope that Mr. Scott sees that his actions have hurt and affected many people, including the Phillips family, and that he has also severely damaged his own reputation. It is not too late for him to do the right thing, as an artist and creative person, and fix his error in judgement.”

The SME chat about it

Fashion x Skate x Pop Culture pundits—Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, Mary HK Choi and Robert Brink—discuss the allegations of whether or not Jeremy Scott swaggerjacked skate artist Jimbo Phillips


Monday February 25th, 2013
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