Mischo Erban “Tooth and Nail: Smiling!” 2011 | Seismic

Flashback with Mischo – fastest man on a longboard Guiness World Record holder– Erban to his 2011 season where he won the IGSA World Championship Title in Brazil.

Quote from mischo:

“Still hanging in by tooth and nail the, 2011 season was another to remember! I was becoming more tuned into my skateboard setup and confidence and perseverance paid off with the World Champion Title being seized on my most favorite track in Teutonia, Brazil!

Big Thanks to Fred Baumann, Ronin Trucks, GMR Skateboards, Dan Gesmer at Seismic, Xtreme Board Shop Glendora, Knucklenuts and Crocan for the video edit!”

Check out Mischo 2010 year recap here.



Friday February 15th, 2013