Moronga Wheels for Vegan Skate Coinnoisseurs | Orangatang Wheels

Orangatang will soon be releasing a new wheels called the Moronga. Here’s what they have to say about their new product:

There comes a time in every skater’s life when the light and airy appetizers just don’t satisfy — when the magnitude of their downhill culinary endeavors breaks out of its shell and demands a protein source that is heartier, chunkier, and more gnar-filled…perhaps even coagulatory in character.


Orangatang is thrombogenically thrilled to present the Moronga, the newest morsel in our freeride wheel lineup. Featuring stiff and beefy lips, the Moronga offers smooth slides, reliable traction, and excellent wear characteristics for the discerning downhill freerider. With a 72.5mm centerset and symmetrical shape, the Moronga is poured in our delectable Euphorethane formula for exceptional durability and a bloody long slide.


The Moronga will be available in select shops worldwide on Thursday, February 7th.

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Wednesday January 23rd, 2013
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