NEW from Lifelong Longboards: The Nomad and a tub concave for their Seeker

The Nomad


The Nomad is lifelong’s first dropped deck and features their popular W-Concave, and functional Double KLicktails.

Specs: Lenght: 42″ | Width(Max): 10″ | Drop | 5/8″ | Wheelbase: 30.5″

The Seeker Tub


A revisit of the popular Seeker deck with the W Concave swapped with a mellower Tub Concave.

Specs: Lenght: 41″ | Width(Max): 10″ | Width(Min): 9.75″ | Wheelbase: 27-28″


More info about the Nomad here and the Seeker Tub here


Monday January 28th, 2013